Personal Information on Shaun Pollock Personal Information on Shaun Pollock Personal Information on Shaun Pollock
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Dad's Name : Peter Pollock
Mom's Name : Inez Pollock

School : Northwood high school
College : University of Natal (Bachelor of Commerce)

Favourites of Pollock

Favourite Books : Long walks to Freedom & The Partner
Favourite Food :
Italian (Lasagne)
Favourite Movie : 
Cool Runnings & While You Were Sleeping
Favourite Actor : 
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Favourite Actor : 
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Favourite Actress : 
Sandra Bullock
Favourite Car :  
Audi A4
Favourite Colour :
Favourite Sports :
Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Rugby and Golf.
Enjoys :
Reading, listening to music and going out with friends.

Tours and teams before his International debut

South African Team : Natal, played as 12th man in 1991/92, debut in 1992/93
South African Tertiary team : Tour to Kenya and Zimbabwe 1994/95
South African under 24 team : Tour to Sri Lanka 1995
Hong Kong Sixes Tournament : In 1995

Cricketing Influences

As per Shaun God and his family have always influenced and supported him but  Malcolm Marshall is his actual 'mentor'. He takes pride in playing for South Africa and that is also because of his Grandfather and uncle Grahame Pollock and Peter Pollock, who represented their country.  


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