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redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) Carl Rackemann missed the last delivery when Australia needed two to beat England in 1989, but the batsman scrambled a bye and the game was tied.
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) Ramiz Raja was dropped three times in his 90’s on the way to scoring 116* for Pakistan vs. Sri Lanka in February 1990.
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) England lost their last seven wickets for 10 runs against India at Gwalior on March 4, 1993.
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) The game between Australia and Pakistan at Sydney arranged for December 8, 1981 had to be postponed due to a power workers strike.

redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) David Boon hit 15 fours during his innings of 122 for Australia vs. Sri Lanka at Adelaide in January 1988.
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) The 1998/99 Sharjah Cup Tournament was staged for the benefit of Abdul Qadir, who unfortunately injured his hand whilst attempting a caught and bowled in the first game and could not play thereafter.

redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) William Watson was on a hat-trick in the New Zealand vs. Australia match at Sydney in November 1990, when rain ended Australia’s innings –Watson had only the last ball of the over to deliver.

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David Boon was the first Tasmanian to hit a century in ODI matches, a feat he achieved in his native state –at Hobart in December 1991.

redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) A Flower, CN Evans and ADR Campbell were all reprimanded by the match referee (for excessive appealing), in the Zimbabwe vs. England match at Harare in January 1997.
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Graeme Wood was forced to retire with a broken finger during the Australia vs. West Indies match in February 1985, but suitably bandaged he returned to the crease later and with Simon O’ Donnell made a record stand for the 9th wicket.

redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) Because of extremely hot weather, drinks intervals were allowed every two overs in the Australia vs. New Zealand match at Melbourne in January 1988.
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Sri-Lanka lost their last six wickets for 8 runs off 371 balls in the game vs. Australia at Melbourne in January 1990.
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