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redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) P A de Silva refused to leave the field when given out “obstructed; field” in the Sri-Lanka vs. New-Zealand match at Wellington in 1977. Under pressure the umpire was persuaded to reverse his decision.
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) In the West Indies vs. England match at Scarborough, a throw from the boundary by Michael Holding hit one set of stumps and went on to hit the other set. The batsmen were out of their creases but the umpire was too confused to give either ‘out’.
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) David Boon broke his bat in two whilst playing for Australia vs. New Zealand at Adelaide in December 1990.
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) Geoff Boycott confused both scorers and umpires when he took strike at the wrong end, following a drinks interval, England vs. Australia at Sydney December 1979.

redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) Larry Gomes suffered a broken nose and the loss of two teeth while batting for West Indies vs. Sri Lanka at Melbourne in February 1985.
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) The first ODI in which ‘wides’ and ‘no balls’ were added to the bowlers’ analysis was India vs. Pakistan at Jaipur on October 2, 1983.

redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) During the India vs. New Zealand at Nagpur on November 26, 1995, a wall collapsed killing 12 people and injuring dozens more
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) The match between New Zealand and India at Auckland on February 14, 1981 was the first in New Zealand in which colored clothing, white balls and black sightscreens were employed.

redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) When the New Zealand vs. Pakistan Test scheduled for Dunedin in February 1989 was cancelled due to rain, an ODI match was organized for the fourth day of the Test. The pitch was almost unplayable and Richard Hadlee picked up 5 wickets.
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) Moin Khan hit the final three balls of the innings for six the bowler Ian Bishop of West Indies, conceded 27 in the over- at Sharjah October 1995.

redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) India refused to continue the match against Pakistan when Sarfaraz Nawaz bowled four successive bumpers and the umpire took no action. The game was at Sahiwal in 1978/79.
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) 25,000 spectators turned up to watch England play its first ODI match at Chandigarh. Unfortunately violent thunderstorm flooded the ground. In order to placate the crowd a 15 over game was staged in unplayable conditions.
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) Ramiz Raja was caught off a no-ball, but, failing to hear the umpire’s call, left his crease to return to the pavilion. He was then given out ‘ run out’ by the square leg umpire. Pakistan vs. England at Perth in January 1987.   
redarrow2.gif (2829 bytes) Australia’s Allan Border played in more Test innings than any other batsman (265).
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